1 OAK Tuesdays Los Angeles
1 OAK Tuesdays Los Angeles

1 OAK LA Tuesdays – 1 Oak Los Angeles – Bottle Service – 1OAK LA

LA Top Club Nightlife Destination 2016 · Tuesdays at 1 Oak LA

1 Oak LA Tuesdays

Join us Tuesdays at 1 Oak for an unforgettable party night out in LA. 1 Oak is one of the top nightclubs in Los Angeles, with other locations in NYC and Las Vegas. 1Oak also brings in top hip hop artists and DJs, with Lil John, Wiz Khalifa, and DJ Mustard all recently performing Tuesday nights at 1Oak LA. Complete with an insane lights display controlled by the DJ, 1OAK LA is the place to be for any special occasion or big night out. Their parties are legendary!

Join us at 1Oak’s #MADEAT1OAK Tuesday night for one epic evening. 1Oak is always with crawling with celebrities, especially when they have big performances lined up. Brush shoulders with the rich and famous at 1 Oak LA Tuesdays. PartybusNightclub does not offer guest list on Tuesdays at 1 Oak LA, strictly VIP table service only.

1 Oak LA · Bottle Service Reservations

For the ultimate LA nightlife experience at 1 Oak, you need to reserve a table. Let our team set you up with bottle service Tuesdays at 1 Oak LA. You won’t regret it! Call or text us at +1 (310) 749-9029 or enter your reservation below. Website: bottlemenuservice.com/1oak-la-nightclub

1 Oak LA · Nightclub Venue Profile

Built around the idea that timeless design, attention to detail, and unrivaled hospitality will never go out of style, 1 OAK is the premiere destination for your bottle service reservation and/or next event. At 1 Oak LA, everything is done in excess. So when you’re at 1 Oak LA, expect to bend the rules a little bit to fit your idea of fun. You’ll lounge alongside some Hollywood’s most notable fashion, sports, musical and celebrity icons. But play it cool; everyone’s here to do a little something dangerous.

1Oak LA offers a unique experience for all guests, featuring: 9,500 square feet, 550 person capacity, deejay and live entertainment, sound and lighting by John Lyons, deejay booth with built-in LED screens, two full service bars, large plush bottle service booths, valet parking and event catering. 1OAK LA is located at 9039 Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.

  • Layout: Two floors. Downstairs is the main focus of the venue where most of the tables are located alongside a large dance floor and huge DJ station. Upstairs there are more tables but it’s not a preferred place to sit.
  • Vibe: Massive club, loud music, tons of people. This is what a club is or what a club should be.
  • Line situation: Long and hard to get in. Bottle Service Reservation highly recommended.

1 OAK LA · VIP Table Service

How much is table service at 1OAK LA? 1OAK has some of the highest table minimums in Los Angeles. The Downstairs starts at $2000-2500 to start – plus tax and operational fees (which is approx 32%). * If there is a celebrity performance that night, the downstairs rate is $2500 and up. The Upstairs starts at $1500 minimum – plus tax and operational fees (which is approx 32%). The best table at 1OAK is the dance floor table if you want to be the middle of the action, or the DJ table if you’re trying to be a bit more exclusive. The table options on standard nights include:

  • Mezzanine table (small) – $2000, 4 bottles – 8 comps – VIP table on mezzanine with a view of DJ and dance floor.
  • Mezzanine table (large) – $2500, 5 bottles – 12 comps – VIP table on mezzanine with a view of DJ and dance floor.
  • DJ table – $3000, 6 bottles – 10 comps – Table located on stage behind the DJ.
  • Main floor VIP table – $3500, 7 bottles – 15 comps – VIP booth located along the wall of the 1st floor.
  • Dance floor table – $5000, 10 bottles – 15 comps – Table located on the dance floor and in front of the DJ.

9039 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood,
United States
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