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Bottle Service LA Party Bus Night Club

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Bottle Service

Bottle Service is the ability of a nightclub or lounge to offer you the option of purchasing a whole bottle of alcohol as opposed to one drink at a time. It is a way of giving customers an increased level of service. It works especially well on nights when the venue is near capacity.

VIP Table Service Advantages

The number of mixed drinks you’d pour from a 750ml bottle can equal what you’d pay for the same number of cocktails from the bar. Not only that, you get to make your drink the way you like it! A selection of cranberry, orange juice, soda and drink mix is included free with your bottle/s. Guests receive VIP incentives, such as: complimentary VIP admission, a line by-pass into the club, table of choice for the entire evening, and more. You’ll walk past the line to your own private table where your own cocktail waitress will set up bottle service exclusively for your group. You won’t have to stand in line to get your next drink. You don’t have to deal with crowded bars. Your waitress brings drinks to your table, and you can tip at the end of the night as to oppose to after each drink.

Bottle Service VIP VIP table service enables you to enjoy your evening and situate yourself with your friends. Remember, your table serves as a “home base”, an area to relax when you get tired of mingling or working the crowd. Plus, when you are in the center of the action, it is easier to meet the people you want to. It can be difficult having a conversation when you are constantly getting bumped into and getting drinks spilled on you. It may seem expensive at first, but often when you add up the cost you and your friends would have spent separately on entrance and drinks, the total cost is similar to the cost of bottle service. VIP table service with bottle service reservations is always highly recommended when out in groups, enabling a more enjoyable evening. Your table is Your private area for the night.

Bottle Service VIP at LA Top Clubs

PartybusNightclub offers bottle service VIP at a-list Hollywood clubs and nightlife events inside top L.A. nightclubs. Are you sick of wasting half the night away waiting in long lines at Hollywood Nightclubs? Tired of the cold shoulder treatment from the bouncers and doormen at Hollywood nightclubs? Do not waste your time using typical LA club VIP guest lists with 1000s of other people. Why? You will be waiting in long lines with the rest of the “VIP List”. PartybusNightclub Bottle Service VIP will whisk you passed the never-ending line and beyond the velvet ropes of the toughest doors at best clubs in LA nightlife. Once you are inside the celeb-infested club party, we will personally escort your group to the most premier bottle service VIP table real estate in the club. All eyes will be on you with envy as you dance the night away under the Tinseltown nightlife spotlight. Are you ready for the “Red Carpet Treatment” you deserve? Hollywood sets the standards for nightlife in Los Angeles; and PartybusNightclub is ready and waiting to introduce you to the high profile nightlife, glitz and glamour red carpet VIP in LA!

“If you want VIP treatment at your favorite nightclub, get ready to whip out your credit card for 750ml of status. Once the purview of expense-account profiteers and high-rolling celebrities, bottle service is now the easiest way for clubbers to taste the good life. It’s a way for the big spenders to rent the best real estate in the club for an evening!”

Bottle Service · How it Works

Getting VIP table reservations with bottle service is always highly recommended and definitely worthwhile at majority of Hollywood nightclub venues. Bottle service is normally a two bottle minimum and up, depending on size of party (1 bottle per 4-5 people generally required). Couples (party of two) as well as bachelorette parties (depending on event) require only a one bottle minimum. Bottle prices start at approximately $400/bottle and higher. And bottle service always includes mixers, lemons, limes, juices, sodas and the occasional variation of energy drinks like Red Bull or Rock Star.

How do Bottle Service Reservations Work?

In order to confirm bottle service, your reservation must include the following information: (1) a first and last name to hold table reservation, (2) expected time of arrival, (3) number of guests in your party, and (4) somewhat hypothetical list of bottle or bottle specials you’re planning on ordering. No credit card prepayment is required prior to arrival at the club, unless it is a holiday event (e.g. New Year’s Eve, Halloween, etc.). All charges are made upon your arrival. One of our professional VIP hosts takes care of your group from the moment you walk up to the front door of the club, immediately granting admission and escorting you straight to your VIP table regardless number of people. (FYI- Expect tons of people waiting to get into our events…Bottle service guests never have to wait…immediate/priority entry for all table guests is 100% guaranteed). For those people who wish to ensure prime real estate table location inside the club, we highly recommend calling in your bottle service reservations no later than 8:30pm night of event; for larger parties, recommended to be made even earlier.

PartybusNightclub handles more Los Angeles bottle service than any other independent company. Because of that, when you do business with us, you are treated much better than if you did it on your own or even with the club directly. You are the VIP of all VIP’s at the nightclub. Other people doing bottle service will wait in a line, get bumped, get a bad table or be told they need to spend more, even those who worked with the club directly. But not our clients! You will always partying like rock stars with PartybusNightclub bottle service VIP for your next Hollywood nightclub bottle service VIP table reservation event! Simply fill out the form below or call us direct (310) 749-9029 to request more info.

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