Lure Hollywood LIT Saturdays 1st Aug 2015
Lure Hollywood LIT Saturdays 1st Aug 2015

Lure Hollywood LIT Saturdays

Lure Hollywood is the perfect venue for a mid-weekend party night out. Lure Hollywood LIT Saturdays 1st August 2015 features music by DJ CJ and DJ KAMOFLAGE. Lure Hollywood Saturdays guarantee to be slam packed and super sexy!

Join the ‘in-crowd’ and RSVP for LIT Saturdays at Lure Hollywood on the Jamie Barren VIP list at 310-749-9029, or online at

Lure Hollywood introduces DJ CJ

From EDM to hip-hop and everywhere in between, DJ CJ is dedicated to rising above the noise and rocking parties with bass-heavy sounds. Before becoming a DJ/producer, the Los Angeles native studied jazz guitar in college where he developed his ears and writing abilities. His love for music eventually led him to DJing and club promoting. Within two years, DJ CJ established himself as one of most prominent promoters in the city, having programmed for Hollywood’s most elite venues.

Lure Hollywood Venue Profile

Boasting a 50,000 watt Line Array sound system and high-definition LED Walls, Lure Hollywood is a premium nightlife venue in Los Angeles. Be assured this sound system is intense, if you ever wanted to experience bass that has the potential to blow your clothes off and actually take your breath away this is it! Lure also features a state of the art Kryo system, 110 kinetic light spheres that are choreographed with the music, plush lounge seating, and four full service bars.

Upon entering Lure Hollywood, guests are ushered through a sweeping diamond faceted facade to reach an abstract garden with 12 over-sized cabanas, water features and flower sculptures. The interior space is defined by a white cocoon styled VIP area that overlooks the stage and a loft area with original wood truss ceiling exposed. To create softness in the space there are over-sized suede panels next to motion sensitive LED screens. The backdrop to the faceted main bar is a 14’ fire sculpture. On the other side of the fire sculpture is The Patio, a secret back garden with suspended plants and 6’ topiary chandeliers. Intricate metal, lace-like accents, dark mahogany floors, and mosaic style LED bars complete Lure’s appeal.

Lure Nightclub
1439 Ivar Avenue
Los Angeles,
United States
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