Lure Hollywood Saturdays 2015 April 25th
Lure Hollywood Saturdays 2015 April 25th

Lure Hollywood Saturdays 2015 April 25th

Lure Hollywood Saturdays is the best Los Angeles nightlife destination 2015! Lure Hollywood is the perfect venue for a mid-weekend night out, special occasion or private party. There is no better way to celebrate these events than at a nightclub Los Angeles locals prefer. Lure Hollywood Saturday 25th of April 2015 features music by deejay MILES MEDINA. Lure Hollywood is always slam packed and super sexy!

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Lure Hollywood introduces Miles Medina

Miles Medina, a San Francisco Bay Area native, got his first pair of turntables at the very young age of 10. Only a few years later began to make a name for himself in the battle circuit by entering several deejay competitions. Miles would blow away audiences with his jaw dropping routines. Not long after, Miles Medina was becoming one of San Francisco’s top party rockers (long before he was actually allowed to have a drink). Miles Medina has accomplished success that most deejays could only dream of. He has secured top residencies at some of San Francisco’s most premier venues (Vessel, Sloane and his flagship Infusion Lounge) and regularly performing in cities all over the U.S. including Dallas, San Diego, Hawaii, Mississippi, Las Vegas and Miami. He has also played shows alongside huge acts such as Afrojack, Krewella, Hyper Crush, LMFAO and Pitbull (just to name a few).

Lure Hollywood the nightclub

Lure Hollywood is the best Los Angeles nightlife destination 2015. Located in the heart of Hollywood, Lure delivers a decadent dose of glamour wrapped in a luxurious modern design. Upon entering, guests are ushered through a sweeping diamond facade into a wonderland of artistic details. Featuring oversize cabanas, intricate metal lace work, dark mahogany floors, suede paneling, plush lounge seating and kinetic light spheres that are choreographed to music. Lure Hollywood boasts a 50,000 watt Line Array sound system, a state of the art Kryo system and high-definition LED Walls. Be assured this sound system is intense. If you ever wanted to experience bass that has the potential to blow your clothes off and actually take your breath away this is it! The interior space is defined by a white cocoon styled VIP area that overlooks the stage and a loft area with original wood truss ceiling exposed. To create softness in the space there are oversize suede panels next to motion sensitive LED screens. The backdrop to the faceted main bar is a 14’ fire sculpture. On the other side of the fire sculpture is The Patio, a secret back garden with suspended plants and 6’ topiary chandeliers. Intricate metal, lace-like accents, dark mahogany floors, and mosaic style LED bars complete Lure’s appeal.

Lure Nightclub
1439 Ivar Avenue
Los Angeles,
United States
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