Lure Nightclub Saturdays 2015 January 3
Lure Nightclub Saturdays 2015 January 3

Lure Nightclub LIT Saturdays: Troy Kurtz

LIT Saturdays inside Lure Nightclub is the best Saturday night out in Los Angeles nightlife! Kick off the first weekend in 2015 this Saturday, January 3rd 2015 at Lure Nightclub with music by deejay TROY KURTZ! Lure Nightclub is guarantees to be slam packed and super sexy every Saturday night. Join the ‘in-crowd’ and RSVP for LIT Saturdays at Lure on the Jamie Barren VIP list at (310-749-9029), or online at


Disrupting the ebb and flow of an often stale breed of musical neophytes lands Troy Kurtz as the cut above the fray. Having never been married to a particular genre or niche, he has the freedom to rely on his consummate taste to expertly serenade whichever circumstance he finds himself in. Whether it’s a 100 ft yacht in the Bahamas or a festival on the sand in Mazatlan, Troy’s vast arsenal of tunes is primed and ready for any occasion he may find himself. Expanding on his talent as a record selector, he has been honing his skills in the studio, cooking up dynamic house cuts that have already garnered the support from top deejays in the field.


Lure Nightclub in Hollywood — Upon entering, guests are ushered through a sweeping diamond facade into a wonderland of artistic details. Featuring oversize cabanas, intricate metal lace work, dark mahogany floors, suede paneling, plush lounge seating and kinetic light spheres that are choreographed to music.

Lure Nightclub
1439 Ivar Avenue
Los Angeles,
United States
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